Equip and sustain

Meeting temporary needs is necessary, but facilitating long-lasting change is our desire. We actively seek to invest and partner in projects that have a sustainable ethos.

Grow Your Own

A project to create a sustainable food garden for local people was brought to our attention in early 2021. We believe that if locals are equipped with the land, infrastructure and know-how they could feed themselves and their families for generations, so we are joining with other partners to support this venture.

The Shutka Food Garden was set up in 2021 with an initial grant from the British

New irrigation system being laid

Embassy to purchase a 40-metre greenhouse that would facilitate all year round growing and food production.  If you want to find out more about this project and our involvement see the "Shutka FG" News page.   Project Set up - in the 'Updates' section for more information'

Produce from open day

Cooperative Partnerships

We are always open to developing sustainable projects in North Macedonia in cooperation with other Non-profits, Corporate Business, Government agencies and Local Authorities.

Please get in touch if you are interested in partnering with us.

Education for Employment

A high unemployment rate leads to countless locals having to leave their motherland in search for work. We want to see the country thrive and sustain its workforce.

It's heartbreaking for us to see so many talented, capable, hard-working, university-aged, young adults being demotivated by the national career landscape.  

Far too many individuals feel the necessity to leave their families and peers behind to seek employment abroad where the pay for similar jobs is far better, or where job opportunities are more plentiful.  The average wage in Macedonia is between 250 – 350 euros a month and many of our friends work for 1 euro an hour!

We believe there is huge potential in the country for industry and out-sourcing.  We know many locals who are passionate about staying and working in their own country and creating opportunities for their peers to be able to do so too.  We fully encourage and endorse this mindset and are actively exploring ways of seeing this become a reality.  We have held interesting talks with a local business owner who has more demand for work than he has capacity.  There is a skill-gap in certain sectors where Macedonian organisations could compete on the global market and although there are good educational establishments throughout the country, there is a requirement for more employment-skill targeted training.

Plans and talks have been started for an I.T. focused Micro-School, where the students’ training will be delivered in English and their innovative skills will be encouraged and developed along with the relevant skills for working in the industry.  The concept is that these students will be fed into local organisations enabling business opportunities from both local and foreign sources to be undertaken in, and bring revenue to, their homeland.

Although we are not currently actively fundraising for this project, should you be interested in supporting it in any way: from equipment to advice, or ideas, please get in touch with us as they would all be very welcome.  Rest assured 100% of any donations will go directly to the project and not be used for the charity’s administrative overheads.