Raising funds to support, develop and equip communities & individuals in the Republic of North Macedonia

Welcome to Fuel Macedonia

Fuel Macedonia is a UK registered charity established to prevent and relieve poverty and bring relief to those in financial hardship in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The charity's aim is to support locally run initiatives that can become the long-term solution to local issues.

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Map of Macedonia highlighting the north west region

Key Initiatives

Food Parcels

In a world of abundance no one should need to go hungry. We help provide families experiencing lack with groceries and household essentials to help them get by.

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Winter Heating

When the mediterranean summer draws to an end the surrounding mountains usher in bitter cold and icy winters. We help households keep warm during these months.

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Equip and Sustain

Meeting temporary needs is necessary, but facilitating long-lasting change is our desire. We actively seek to invest and partner in projects that have a sustainable ethos.

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How We Work

We are passionate about supporting locally run initiatives that can become the solutions to local issues and, therefore, we firmly believe that Local Partners should be involved in everything we do.

Over our years of visiting the country we have developed close friendships with residents that care deeply about the needs of their neighbours and want to do something about it. Our heart is to fuel their ideas and operations with encouragement, support and finance.

Map showing that North Macedonia is in eastern europ, bordering Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and not far from South Italy
Map of Macedonia highlighting the north west region

Where We Work

Because of our origins, our current focus is predominantly around the North West region of Macedonia in Tetovo, Gostivar and the surrounding villages.  

However, we are now also supporting some projects in the capital city, Skopje, and two communities in the south of the country: Resen and Banica.

As the charity evolves we hope to have further involvement across the country as we are always open to new projects.

Latest Updates

Shutka Food Garden 2023 Update

The Food Garden under new management has taken off and is producing great harvests

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Third Year Review

Here's a summary of our 3rd year of operation (Apr 2022-Mar 2023) - once again thanks to your generosity

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Community Outreach Project

A new project to support groups reaching out into communities

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Second Year Review

What we were able to achieve in our second year of operation (Apr 2021-Mar 2022) thanks to your generosity

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Food Bank MK

In March 2022 Fuel Macedonia signed a collaborative partnership with Banka Za Hrana MK (Macedonia’s Food Bank) to supply food boxes to help families we know that are in need.

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Shutka Food Garden-Update

This is now a largely self-sustaining Local Food Garden with the traditional growing methods being managed by local Roma people. It provides fresh produce for their families and others in the local community.

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Shutka Food Garden

Set up by local ex-pats to establish a sustainable local food garden which will engage with the community to provide them with supplemental food to meet their physical needs.

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First Year Review

Thank you to all our donors! Here's a summary of what we have been able to achieve through your generosity in our first year.

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Winter 2020 Heating Campaign

2019 saw the launch of our first ever campaign, providing winter heating for vulnerable families. Fuel Macedonia made a real impact and we’d love to help provide for even more in 2020/21.

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Feed the Homeless Skopje

During the pandemic of 2020 a Macedonian friend of ours got to know a number of homeless and hungry people in his area of Skopje. We were able to fund his desire to help them!

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I.T. Micro School

A local partner sees the opportunity Macedonia has as an I.T. provider. He wants to train emerging students with employable skills. We want to see his vision become a reality.

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