Food Parcels

In a world of abundance no one should need to go hungry.
We help provide those experiencing lack with groceries and essentials to help them get by.

We started supplying food parcels to families in need after one of our local partners observed a lady that he knew skip-diving to provide some food for her family: her husband had recently died and this had impacted the household income – she had children to feed and no way of providing for them.  Fortunately, we were able to fund a substantial food parcel for the family and this opened the way to providing for many other families and individuals in need in the winter of 2019 not only in the original area but also in other cities where we work with other trusted locals with whom we have developed a good relationship.

Although local communities are very good at assisting their neighbours in need there are many cases where additional help is needed.  We realise that this provision is not a long-term solution to local needs BUT it does mean that families get a breathing space where financial resources are limited; we don’t want to see families going hungry where it can be prevented.

These ‘food parcels’ can be very varied and will be tailored to meet the needs of the household concerned. They can also contain household cleaning and hygiene products.

Occasionally, our local partners have the privilege of taking the recipients to the shops to choose the groceries they need.  

Your donations will go directly to providing for a household and 100%* of your donation will translate directly to putting food on a table.