When the mediterranean summer draws to an end the surrounding mountains usher in bitter cold and icy winters.
We help households keep warm during these months.

2019 saw the launch of our first-ever fundraising campaign to help those in need of winter fuel and provisions.  This campaign subsequently led to the launch of this charity - Fuel Macedonia.

Unlike the majority of western European nations, most Macedonians burn wood to heat their homes in the winter due to the high cost of electricity.  This wood cannot be sourced from local forests but has to be purchased from government-approved suppliers.  During our frequent involvement with local communities, we realised some families had to choose between heating or feeding themselves each winter, and some struggled to find either!

We agreed with one of our local partners that this was a need we couldn’t ignore.  We set our efforts to raising funds, whilst he set his on finding families in need.  The funds raised were used to purchase wood or portable gas fires from local suppliers and have them delivered to their doorsteps.  Our local partner oversaw the whole process.

Although Macedonia experiences Balkan summer temperatures rising to the 40's, they can also have continental winters with very low temperatures often dropping to -20 C.

Heat A Home

For £180 you can ensure that a family has enough firewood to keep themselves and their children warm throughout the coldest months of winter!  Regardless of what you can give we commit that 100%* of the donation received will be converted directly into firewood or winter fuel for the people.  Please consider sponsoring a family by donating to them some fuel below.

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Whole Winter!