Community Outreach Project

This project was born out of seeing groups reaching out to new communities and incurring expenses – often from the Project Leaders’ own pockets, to provide for some of the basic needs that they found in their work.  Their aims are to better the living situations and improve the living environments of those residing in these areas.  They are usually in communication with, and have the favour of, the local administrations.  The community leaders have ideas for projects that would enhance their communities and these are duly considered by the Project Leaders.  We are happy to give grants to the following projects for the purchase of food and wood for heating and cooking, and where necessary to purchase cooking/heating stoves from the sources found in the Winter Heating project.


This project in Banica (pronounced Banitsa) supports 6 families with food parcels every month.  It also is looking to provide community services for the village: youth sports facilities; community space for the elderly; educational facilites for the village, to mention a few.


The Project Leader works in Tetovo and Gostivar and uses local information to help those in difficult situations with food parcels and winter heating


This project is regularly supports 6 households in the village with food parcels. The Project Leader is in consultation with the Municipality authorities to see what services the village needs to prosper.  He uses teams of volunteers from the International Rangers and from Shutka Municipality in Skopje


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