First Year Review

What's been achieved in our first year?

  • Fuel Macedonia was registered as a UK Charity on 30th April 2020
  • We raised £6,722 for a variety of Projects (the majority of which are shown below).
  • Through additional generosity 100% of the funds raised for projects went to the projects, not to running the Charity - these were covered by specific gifts for this purpose
  • We additionally reclaimed £525 of gift aid

Winter Heating

Purchase of either wood or gas for heating households during the coldest months of the year (Find out more)

  • The equivalent of 41 months of heat purchased
  • Warming 18 households

Food Parcels

Purchase of food and household cleaning groceries (Find out more)

  • The equivalent of 33 food parcels
  • Feeding 26 households

Homeless project in Skopje (a pilot project)

Providing food for rough sleepers or those with no utilities

  • 9 different situations involving 12 individuals

Shutka Food Garden

A new project creating a sustainable food garden for the local community to get involved with and feed themselves (Find out more)

  • Raised £1,250 towards the project's set-up costs

Wellbeing and personal development courses

We fully funded these sessions that participants reported as "I'm always encouraged and positive after the group"

  • 10 men attended at least 1 of 7 sessions


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