I.T. Micro School

A local partner sees the opportunity Macedonia has an I.T.provider.  He wants to train emerging students with employable skills and we want to see his vision become a reality.

Plans and talks have been started for an I.T. focussed Micro-School, where students’ training will be delivered in English and their innovative skills will be encouraged and developed along with the relevant skills for working in the industry.  The concept is that these students will be fed into local organisations enabling business opportunities from both local and foreign sources to be undertaken in, and bring revenue to, their homeland.

The micro-school will induct students with an aptitude for English, or partner with already existing English language micro-schools.  It will then take these students in different age groupings and develop their practical I.T. skill-sets whilst putting their English into practice so they are more prepared for the workplace where English predominates.  The younger years will be trained through STEM based learning and encouraged to explore their creativity and innovation whilst the older students will be exposed to relevant technologies and real-life projects.


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