Shutka Food Garden-Update

This is now a largely self-sustaining Local Food Garden with the traditional growing methods being managed by local Roma people.  It provides fresh produce for their families and others in the local community. (See previous update for historical information)

The alternative growing methods (hydroponic and Dutch Bucket systems) are still being managed by the Project Leaders and the produce is sold to enable greater self-sufficiency.

Fuel Macedonia was able to participate in the Food Garden's set-up and early stage’s running costs.


We undertook to support the project in its development to a self-sufficient food garden for the Roma community in Shutka, whilst there were difficulties along the way it has now been completed with the handover to local people.

The Project Leaders have now started their ‘Phase 2’ project where land has been rented for the erection of more greenhouses to grow saleable produce as well as producing some for other beneficiaries.


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