Second Year Review

What's been achieved in our second year?

  • We raised over £12,000 for a variety of Projects (detailed below) 100% of this was used on the projects not on running the Charity
  • We additionally reclaimed £1,146 of gift aid
  • We have 3 new Local Partners in Skopje
  • We signed a collaboration partnership with the Food Bank of Mk to work through our Local Partners

Winter Heating

Purchase of either wood or gas for heating households during the coldest months of the year (Find out more)

  • The equivalent of 81 months of heat purchased
  • Warming 30 households

Food Parcels

Purchase of food and household cleaning groceries (Find out more)

  • The equivalent of 28 food parcels
  • Feeding 13 households

Homeless project in Skopje (a pilot project)

This project developed into providing meals for 2 vulnerable rough sleepers (Find out more)

  • 3 months of hot meals, 1 per day, for these 2 men

Shutka Food Garden

This project, set up to create a sustainable food garden for the local community to get involved with and feed themselves (Find out more)

  • Raised £3,020 towards the project's first 6-months' running costs until it culd become self-sufficient.  

The project is now being run by local Roma people with the support of the Project Leader

Food Bank Macedonia

The national food bank supports approximately 1,500 families throughout Macedonia and we have established a working protocol with the Food Bank so our Local Partners can access the resources of the Food Bank for their clients. (Find out more)

  • We were able to provide 3 months' rent for this valuable organisation

Wellbeing and personal development courses

We fully funded these sessions that participants continue to report a sense of encouragement after the group sessions

  • Up to 12 men attended at least 1 of the sessions


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